Opening: Housekeeping Camp

The Yosemite stay-over makes its springtime debut.

LOVING NATURE... means loving all of the timely, not-so-coincidental coincidences that pop up, seemingly at random. Take Yosemite National Park, a place where several Really Good Things -- capitalization required -- all dovetail right around April. There's the seasonal start of the open-air Valley Floor Tours, those informative, gaze-up-at-El-Capitan gadabouts that are full of awesome, ranger-delivered factoids about the famous park. There's National Park Week, a celebration of our nature-amazing system of parks that falls right around the middle of April (and gives every visitor free access to their favorite park for several days in a row). And as for those springtime waterfalls? They push it into high gear come April, thanks to all of that drippy/melty winter snowpack (a snowpack that's "heavy" thanks to all of those 2015-2016 mountain storms). It's the ideal time for another Yosemite favorite to say its hello, which is exactly what Housekeeping Camp shall do on Friday, April 15. As of that day the...

RUSTIC STAY-OVER... is open for the season, but to call it "rustic" doesn't tell the whole story. The middle-of-the-Valley, Merced River-close locale is described on the Yosemite online HQ as "perfect for those who love camping outdoors but without the hassle of setting up a tent." Does this mean your space is enclosed? Well, yes, the "three-sided concrete structures" are not a traditional tent, but a roof made of canvas lends the camp's sleep spots the aforementioned rustic feel. As for the closing date? That's the third day of October, with a big ol' "weather permitting" asterisk to consider. As for cost? That starts at $68 a night. Want to get an eyeful of those famous springtime gushers pouring over the sides of the valley? Best look into booking soon.

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