Paella Party at Saracina Vineyards

It's an August summer feast with fine wines to match.

ROSÉ AND AUGUST... may be one of the greatest of unsung duos, though plenty of people surely know how well the light-bodied, full-of-taste wine and the eighth month, known for its warmer ways, meld together. Finding the chance to enjoy both an August evening and a glass of something that's the color of a deepening sunset isn't too difficult, but mixing in A) a gorgeous winery and B) a piquant plate of paella may be a taller order. Of course, you can just buy a ticket to a gourmet get-together on the first Saturday in August, in Hopland, at...

SARACINA WINERY: This is the hilly, wanderable, snapshot-perfect spot that hosts the dog hike every Earth Day Week, if it is ringing your personal bell, and other events, too, of a more foodie sort. The Ode to Summer Paella Party falls into the foodie category, as the name suggests, but there's a musical component, too, and a dancer performance, and a chance to soak in a summer evening as it descends upon wine country. The dance is flamenco, the rosé is Atrea Skid, and Saracina Malbec and Atrea Old Soul Red Wines will be in the glasses, too. And on the plates? All of that well-seasoned, mussel-marvelous, shrimp-tasty, rice-y deep-a-tude that is the character and spirit of a fine paella.

THE COST TO ATTEND? It's $95. The date is Saturday, Aug. 5, and whether the sunset that evening will match the vino in your glass is, well, up to the sunset, and, perhaps more meaningfully, your particular outlook at that time. But with paella and wine adding to the moment, your outlook may be quite rosé-y, indeed.

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