Sour Has Power at This Central Coast Bash

Goleta's Lemon Festival is a tart to-do with tons of lemon-loving fans.

MAKING LEMONADE OUT LEMONS? That's often the first thing well-meaning people advise us to do, if they know we're facing a sticky or challenging situation. But what if we actually possess a basket of ripe, especially juicy citrus fruits? Must we create a beverage from those beautiful yellow orbs or can we go in a different direction? Might we make a gooey pan of lemon bars or a lemon-blueberry pie or even a lemon chiffon cake? If you're a lemon lover, you likely like the notion of a cool pitcher of lemonade while also appreciating the hundreds of other dishes that can be created with lemons. If this is your go-to snack, and if you like it in desserts as well as in the heartier foodstuffs (atop chicken, in sprightly sides), then roll like a lemon for Goleta and the annual...

CALIFORNIA LEMON FESTIVAL: That's tarting-up the final weekend of September, which is kind of great, as the festival serves as a bit of counterprogramming to all of the cider- and apple-oriented festivals out there. Admission is free to the Girsh Park party, and parking is free, too (you'll probably want to take a car there, so you can fill up the trunk will all sorts of lemon-based bites to ferry home). A Lemon Dinner, a Lemon Run, and the Lemon Launch are just three happenings at the Sept. 28-29 festival, as is a classic car show. And will there be lemon-themed goodies? There will be. And will plenty of visitors dress in lemon-inspired wear? Count on it. And will you find that sour has power? You already knew that. Making lemonade out of lemons? Always a fine idea, but so is simply paying tribute to the tart star in its most perfect, straight-from-the-tree from.

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