Scott Peterson Wants a Handout

Would you pay to try to prove Peterson's innocence?

It has been five years since a Northern California jury convicted Scott Peterson for killing his wife Laci and their unborn son Conner. 

Since then, Peterson's family members have stood by his side, proclaiming his innocence. Now, it appears they want the public to help them pay to prove it.

On the family's website,, family members wrote a message saying there was good news to report.  Peterson's appeals process was moving forward.  But the website also asks for the public to send money -- a lot of money.

"As Scott mentioned in his June blog, we need to complete forensic testing that the prosecution ignored, we need to hire experts to review evidence, and we need to hire investigators to speak with key witnesses. These items are vital and necessary to the appeal process," said an entry on "Your help today will bring us one step closer to getting Scott granted a new trial and finding justice for Laci and Conner."

Family members said they need $95,000 to help cover investigative costs, as Peterson begins the appeal process.

The public is asked to give between $5 and $50 each. Some people have apparently already sent in money.

"An innocent man sitting on death row just doesn't sit right with me," a person named Cory said on the website. The message also said family members are "finding justice for Laci and Conner."

Scott Peterson was sentenced to death and is being held in San Quentin State Prison.

The family says it already has its legal team.  They say they have hired attorneys Cliff Gardner and Larry Gibbs.

Calls to Peterson's family for comment were not returned. 

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