Band Records Entire Album With IPhone

First album recorded entirely with iPhone and iPhone apps.

Don't have the cash to take your band to the studio to record an album? No problem. It can be done using nothing but an iPhone. But be warned, it isn't as easy as one might think.

One LIke Son, a band out of Alabama decided to do just that with their third album. Frontman, Stephen Poff and his band set out to tackle the task at the beginning of last year, and now it's available, says Mashable.

“I feel this is one of our best sounding recordings,” Poff said.

He added that it was also much more difficult than traditional recording.

“We didn’t get to play together. It’s a little more tedious than doing that.”

Those curious, the band used FourTrack, MultiTrack DAW, AmpKit and ThumbJam. GuitarJack to complete the album called "Start the Show," which is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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