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Sacramento Alternative Metal Band Deftones Cancels European Tour After Paris Massacre

Some band members were present during the attacks at Le Bataclan

Members of the Sacramento-based alternative metal band Deftones announced Sunday that they have cancelled the rest of their European concert dates as a result of the devastating Paris terrorist attacks.

The group took to Facebook, writing that some members narrowly escaped the massacre at Paris concert hall Le Bataclan. They were there to see the Eagles of Death Metal perform, but left fifteen minutes before the attackers sieged the venue, according to the LA Times.

"With our deepest condolences, love and respect to everyone affected, and to all of us who share this planet, we must return home to our loved ones," Deftones wrote.

The Sacramento-based band will return to Europe "when the time is right," according to the post. In total, five shows — including two in paris — have been halted. 

Maria Carpenter, mother of Deftones’ lead guitarist Stephen Carpenter, said the band will "hopefully" touch down in the United States by Wednesday. She also said that the bandmembers have been holed up in a hotel and are looking forward to coming home.

The Deftones are not the only band to cancel performances in light of the Paris attacks. Motorhead, Coldplay, U2 and Foo Fighters have all halted upcoming gigs.

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Hello all-Much has been said, as well as seen, on every media outlet about the events in Paris. Some of us were in...

Posted by Deftones on Sunday, November 15, 2015
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