Facebook Plans on West Campus, 9,400 Employees

Facebook filed plans for its West Campus expansion which could end up bringing 9,400 employees to Menlo Park.

Facebook filed documents with the city on the 22-acre site, part of the larger 57-acre Sun Microsystems complex, which will use a tunnel under Highway 84 to connect the East and West campuses, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Facebook has planned the expansion for the last year, saying in one of our earlier reports that it wanted to hire 9,400 more workers by 2017. Facebook announced plans to move to Menlo Park in February and now is moving into what was once Sun's East Campus. Sun was also prohibited from more than 3,600 employees because of traffic concerns, but Facebook has already told the city that it expects to swell past that number by next year. Facebook said it will incorporate a strict commuting policy and add buses to accommodate the city and its expanding workforce.

"It's something they would have to continue to do as they move to Menlo Park," Justin Murphy, development services manager, told the Mercury News.

So far, Menlo Park has been less than happy with Facebook's traffic concerns and rising number of employees, but there are likely many other cities who would love the opportunity to house the Silicon Valley staple.

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