George Washington McNugget Buyer Won't Pay $8,100 After All

Seller still plans to raise money to send kids to church summer camp

The winner of an eBay auction for the McDonald’s McNugget shaped like George Washington has apparently decided $8,100 is no bargain after all.

Rebekah Speight told the Sioux City Journal the winning buyer of her eBay auction was “very sorry” to have backed out of the deal.

The Dakota City, Neb. resident said she planned to offer her patriotic piece of chicken to the auction’s second-highest bidder for $8,000, though she expected that deal would fall through too.

The bidder lives overseas and Speight told the Journal she couldn’t guarantee her McNugget would stay frozen during its journey.

Under eBay’s rules, Speight has 60 days to plan her next course of action and could keep offering her item down the line of highest bidders.

Speight has said she noticed the prized nugget as she was trashing unfinished food during a visit to McDonald’s with her children in 2009 and kept it in her freezer.

EBay temporarily removed her auction when she decided to sell the McNugget last month because it violated the site’s expired food rule, The Associated Press reported. But the auction house later emailed that it was "willing to make an exception to help your cause.”

Speight has said she wants to use the proceeds from the sale to send 50 children to a church summer camp in Iowa.

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