Man Sentenced for Pouring Paint Remover in Wife's Rice Krispies

A 43-year-old California man is sentenced to eight years in state prison after pleading no contest after trying to poison his wife

A man accused of trying to poison his wife with paint remover in her cereal was sentenced to eight years in California state prison after pleading no contest, the District Attorney’s Office announced.

Fernando Porras, 43, pleaded to one count of poisoning and admitted a special allegation that the substance could have caused death or great bodily harm, the DA's office said.

Porras poured “Goof Off,” a paint remover, into his wife’s cereal on the evening of Jan. 12, prosecutors said.

The incident began when Fernanda Porras noticed a horrible taste and smell in her Rice Krispies, said Azusa police Cpl. Randy Schmidt.

She ate a spoonful of the substance and immediately suspected that her husband was trying to harm her because the couple was having marital problems, according to preliminary hearing testimony.

Porras alleged that he “accidentally” spilled the substance into his wife’s cereal, the prosecutor said.

Porras’ wife did not suffer permanent injuries.

Police grew suspicious of Fernando Porras at the hospital when he told police he was going to go smoke a cigarette and then disappeared.

He was arrested about two miles away.

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