“Mad Men” Gets the “Rolling Stone” Treatment

The August 2010 issue of Rolling Stone featured a cover with the cast of HBO's hit vampire drama "True Blood" striking a tactically nude pose while drenched with blood, conveying the danger and lust that is the show's stock in trade. 

But September's "Mad Men" cover, showing off a fully-clothed Jon Hamm - and a mostly-clothed January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss - proves that keeping it all on can be just as sexy.

In the shot by photographer Robert Trachtenberg, the debonair Don Draper is found sitting in the backseat of a car, drink in hand, flanked by the ladies of Sterling Draper Cooper and Pryce.

The cover accompanies a feature story that details how the show's creators developed what the magazine calls "the smartest and most seductive show on TV."

In the article, Hamm admits that at least some of his character's ethos is tied to his attire.

"Part of it is the suit, but another part is a choice," he said. "This is a person who takes himself very seriously at work, a guy who's going to walk in and command a room."

In short, the clothes do make the man.

The AMC critical darling recently won the best drama Emmy, the third consecutive year the show has claimed award.

Selected Reading: Rolling Stone, NY Daily News

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