UPDATE: Paul Greengrass In Talks for Pirate Pic “Maersk Alabama” With Tom Hanks

UPDATE: Word broke the other day that Paul Greengrass was considering an opportunity to direct a film based on the hijacking by Somali pirates of the Alabama Maersk. Now Deadline says the director's been assured that there's room in his calendar for him to do "Maersk" and still shoot his MLK assassination film, "Memphis," so it's  expected a deal is imminent.

Paul Greengrass used to crank out top-notch action films at a pretty steady clip before taking some time to clear his head of Jason Bourne. When he returned after three years, the result was the disappointing "Green Zone." More than a year later, he may have finally found his next project.

Greengrass is considering signing on for "Maersk Alabama," reported Vulture. The film is an adaptation of "A Captain's Duty," by Capt. Richard Phillips, which recounts his kidnapping at the hands of Somali pirates who had attacked his ship two years ago. The whole ordeal lasted five days, ending with Phillips' daring rescue by the Navy SEALS.

"A Captain's Duty" is being adapted by screenwriter Billy Ray, the same guy who's doing "The Hunger Games." Sony, which has the film rights, wants to get started filming as Tom Hanks is available, after he's finished shooting Tom Tyvwer and the Wachovskis' adaptation of "Cloud Atlas" in Germany this summer.

This material is right in Greengrass wheelhouse, the kind of action-adventure that he film that he practically reinvented while directing the previous two "Bourne" films. As much as we disliked "Green Zone," we're pretty sure he can bounce back from it.

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