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HuffPo Coming to San Francisco?

Huffington Post could be coming soon.



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    Arianna Huffington may be bringing her blog to the Bay Area.

    Arianna Huffington's ever-expanding media empire may be coming too the Bay Area soon.

    In an interview with Denver's Westword city magazine, she hints at the expansion.

    "Westword: Where do you want to expand next?

    AriannaHuffington: We're looking at San Francisco. They have a lot of Patches. We're putting MapQuest into everything we're doing, whether it's food or art or architecture. Everything you need to know when you go on a trip. We can also offer editorial content to people when they search for restaurants, amusement parks, art galleries on their vacations."

    The conversation went on to talk about a lawsuit filed against her, by bloggers who feel they were not compensated adequately, as well as her thoughts on the design of the Drudge Report.

    "WW: How do you explain (conservative-leaning news aggregator and, some say, the reason HuffPo was created) Drudge Report's longevity? A lot of people call it the ugliest site on the Internet, yet it's still around and incredibly successful.

    AH: It's very simple: It's one page. At a glance, you can see the news, and that's incredibly useful."

    Huff also answered a question about how she keeps her hair so bouncy. She says it's called "Greek peasant hair."