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Nancy Pelosi Compliments a Republican



    Nancy Pelosi Compliments a Republican
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    San Francisco congresswoman Nancy Pelosi put partisanship aside Wednesday as she gave a glowing tribute to former President Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan would have turned 100 years old Feb. 6. 

    Below are Pelosi's prepared remarks:   

    “Thank you, Mr. Speaker.  I thank the gentleman for yielding.  Thank you, Mr. Gallegly, for calling this special order to give us the opportunity to join in a bipartisan way to celebrate and pay tribute to what would be the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan and to do so with great pride as members of the California delegation.  

    “As we recall, it was a year and a half ago that we gathered in August of ’06—the California legislature passed a law in a bipartisan way to have the President, President Reagan, representing our state as one of the two statues in the Capitol.  Just a year and a half ago, again in a bipartisan way, we celebrated the life of President Reagan by welcoming this statue to the Capitol.  So with the last few years, we have been building in a tribute to the President.   

    “It’s impossible to talk about President Reagan and the optimism he had and the love he had for our country and his patriotism without talking about Mrs. Reagan.  They shared one of the great love stories of our time.  Mrs. Reagan in recent years has turned that love into action, speaking powerfully out about stem cell research.  In doing so, she has helped to save lives, find cures, and given hope to millions.  Today, as we pay tribute to President Reagan we also honor Mrs. Reagan for her service to our nation, and for her love of her husband.  

    “On what would be his 100th birthday, we remember President Reagan’s optimism for our nation: always believing that America’s best days are ahead.  And we salute his patriotism, his life of service to our country.

    “And to honor him, a Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission has been established.  And I am pleased to recognize three House appointments—two Republican, one Democrat—to the Reagan Centennial Commission and thank them for their service to the legacy of President Reagan: Congressman Elton Gallegly, congratulations to you; Congressman Aaron Schock, one of the newest Members of Congress and youngest; and Congressman Silvestre Reyes who proudly serves in that capacity.

    “Again, as a Californian, we take great pride in the fact that Ronald Reagan was, not born in California, but from California, that his life of service and patriotism is recognized in the Capitol and that today we send our deepest regards and respect to Mrs. Reagan in celebration of the President’s 100th birthday.  And again, thank you, Mr. Gallegly, for making this possible.”