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Poll Shows Poizner Better Bet to Beat Brown

Latest numbers from Rasmussen Reports show Steve Poizner with slight edge over Meg Whitman



    Poll Shows Poizner Better Bet to Beat Brown
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    Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner.

    While it's still unclear whether Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner will become the "comeback kid" in the Republican gubernatorial primary against former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, Attorney General Jerry Brown has reason to worry either way.

    In a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday, Brown enjoyed only a one percent lead over Poizner in a head-to-head match up, or 43 to 42 percent, with eight percent undecided and seven saying they'd rather vote for someone else.

    How's that someone else doing? Well, Whitman is still behind Brown by four points, with 41 percent to Brown's 45 percent.

    Either way, both Republicans are gaining on Brown, though it seems Whitman more slowly than Poizner, suggesting that the Republican primary may be even closer than pundits currently think.

    Poizner's recent run of attack ads over the last month have him gaining with voters identified as conservative, with 75 percent saying they'd vote for him over only 85 for Whitman.

    Whitman's campaign says that internal polls are showing their candidate pulling away, but it seems it's still anyone's race with mere days left before the June 8th primary election.

    Jackson West figures the narrow gap between Brown and the Republicans will probably edge Brown towards "moderate" -- i.e., further right.

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