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Fans Upset Over NFL's Bag Ban at Stadiums



    Football fans have new rules to abide by when attending games this year. Jean Elle reports. (Published Friday, Aug. 23, 2013)

    The NFL is tackling game day safety concerns with a new bag rule.

    Bags bigger then your hand are not allowed inside the stadium unless they are clear plastic. The Raiders mailed season ticket holders official plastic bags and information about the new rule.

    But lots of fans attending Friday's Raiders game didn't know about the change until security officers bounced them out of line, directing them to a bag check at nearby Oracle Arena.

    Samantha Whittemore was one of many fans who were not thrilled their bag was banned. Finding bag check and getting a zip lock bag to carry her belongings in was not what she planned on.

    "That way it's safe, they can see in your bag," Whittemore said. "But not having your bag with you and finding where to go to get a clear bag is hectic."

    Purses and backpacks piled up at a bag check area during Friday's game.

    Men waiting outside for ladies dropping off purses said the Raiders should do a better job informing fans.

    "It's a little time consuming," Jessy Hillman said. "Information should be put out there so we know. But I understand the reasoning, for safety."

    View more in Jean Elle's video report above.