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NFL Entices Santa Clara with a Super Bowl



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    The NFL is cheerleading for a new Santa Clara stadium.

    Ever wish that you too could get offered bribes for passing legislation, just like politicians get all the time?

    This is your chance, Santa Clara voters. ESPN is reporting that the NFL Super Bowl Advisory Committee is offering you a shot at the 2014 Super Bowl -- if you pass that stadium ballot.

    Santa Clara voters will go to the polls in less than six weeks to decide on a ballot measure to build a $937 million stadium in what is now the Great America parking lot area. It's no accident that this announcement from the NFL comes not barely a month before that election.

    NFL Super Bowl Advisory Committee said in a press release, reprinted in full in the San Jose Merc, that it "has notified the San Francisco 49ers that it supports the plan to build a new stadium in Santa Clara and will support and encourage a Super Bowl bid for a game to be played in the proposed new stadium."

    Wait, is there fine print or devils in details here? Notice the phrase "encourage a Super Bowl bid". That doesn't mean anything.

    I could be encouraged to put in a bid to have the Super Bowl at the San Diego State Undie Run, but that doesn't mean you're watching Super Bowl XLVIII running around in panties with this girl.

    Still, it's a powerful suggestion. And Santa Clara voters can expect to perhaps receive one or two pieces of direct mail reminding them of this suggestion. 

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer whose boss is going to want a good explanation for all these "Undie Run" videos in his web browser history.