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Peyton Manning Pursuit Is Serious For 49ers

49ers look like serious player in Manning pursuit



    Peyton Manning Pursuit Is Serious For 49ers
    NFL quarterback Peyton Manning leaves the Arizona Cardinals training facility after a five hour meeting with coaches and front office staff Sunday, March 11, 2012, in Tempe, Ariz.

    Jim Harbaugh coaching Peyton Manning. In the Bay Area, they're beginning to think about the possibility and believe it truly might happen.
           A former NFL quarterback, Harbaugh worked wonders with Alex Smith last season and now all signs point to the 49ers being a serious player in the Manning sweepstakes. Smith, who had a three-year offer on the table to return, traveled to Miami on Sunday to meet with the Dolphins.

             If San Francisco doesn't sign Manning, the 49ers will have some serious relationship-building to do.
           The Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos, the other two Manning finalists, could face similar issues if they don't get him.
           49ers running back Frank Gore says he's just sitting back and waiting for everything to play out.
           Everybody is anticipating Manning's decision.