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Raiders' Top Receiver Banged Up with Concussion



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    Louis Murphy has a concussion.

    They are not actually hitting yet in Oakland Raiders training camp. But they are already getting concussions.

    Second-year receiver Louis Murphy has already suffered a concussion, after a freak collision and accidental head-kick from Nnamdi Asomugha on Friday.

    "I took a knee to the head on an out route," Murphy told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Nnamdi kneed me in the back of the head. Finished practice, felt pretty good. Woke up for the second practice with a horrible headache."

    The NFL is putting additional emphasis on concussion safety this season, and Murphy figures to be held out of action for a couple days. The Chronicle's Vittorio Tafur tweeted that Murphy is still struggling with sunlight and glare, giving the Raiders some additional concerns. 

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    But coach Cable loves to see the intensity getting dialed up early. "I think the one thing that’s really jumped out at us as a coaching staff is just how competitive guys are on this football team,’’ Cable told the Oakland Tribune. “They want to win whether they’re walking through or jogging through, it doesn’t matter."

    Murphy was the Raiders' leading receiver in 2009, with 34 catches for 521 yards. Tight end Zach Miller led all Raiders with 66 catches.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who sees this is not a good start for the anti-concussion posters in NFL locker rooms.

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