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Raiders Try to Trade the Farm, 49ers Add Beef



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    The first round of the 2010 NFL Draft is in the books.

    While the dust is still settling from Mel Kiper's annual histrionic hissy-fit over who the Oakland Raiders selected with their first pick in the NFL Draft, a report emerged Friday that the Raiders have made nearly every player on the team available for a draft trade.

    The Raiders have "informed teams that nearly anyone on their roster was available," Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported Friday afternoon.

    Now before you get kicking yourself over just having bought that Sebastian Janikowski Fathead, realize that Glazer qualifies his report by saying "they deliver a similar message at each trade deadline."

    Still, the Raiders' selection of Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain with the eighth overall pick means that there are indeed Raiders quite likely to be traded by Sunday night. As Jerry McDonald quite astutely observes in the Oakland Trib, the Raiders now have 11 linebackers.

    Some argue the Raiders made a bad pick with McClain. "You had Clausen sitting there!" boomed Mel Kiper on ESPN.

    It's 24 picks later and the first round is over. Clausen is still sitting there, Mel Kiper.

    The 49ers meanwhile, grabbed two of the NCAA's top offensive linemen in the first round.

    Drafting offensive linemen in the first round is sort of like going shopping for a wall-size flat screen plasma TV, and coming home with nothing but a reliable pair of long johns. OL's are terribly unsexy first round picks, and the Niners took two of them.

    But Anthony Davis looks such the road grader that the Niners traded up in fear of missing out on him. And it's harder to get past Iowa guard Mike Iupati than it is to pronounce his name.

    It's a "bottomless stash box" of a weekend NFL Draft junkies. There'll be more shocking trades, unexpected picks, and mind-blowing NFL developments when the rounds two and three begins at 3 p.m. PDT Friday, and Rounds 4-7 begin at... oh my God, 7 a.m. PDT Saturday morning.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who cannot wait to someday accost an unsuspecting Mel Kiper in an airport after Rolando McClain proves to be one of the top defensive rookies of 2010.