Brian Wilson Buys Lunch for the Masses

If bringing the World Series home for the first time 52 years isn't enough to let you cut in line at a deli, buying everyone sandwiches might be the ticket.

The bearded Brian Wilson made an appearance at Lucca Delicatessen on Chestnut Street in San Francisco around lunchtime on Sunday and according to the always pleasant Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle, Wilson bought everyone in line lunch.

Why? Because he felt bad for cutting in line. But Wilson had his reasons.

It's hard to miss the black beard and the unique attire of Mr. Wilson. Hoards of people surrounded Wilson to congratulate him on the World Series victory, according to Garchick. So much so that he couldn't even get in the restaurant.

As the story goes, the owner of Lucca Delicatessen saw the commotion and asked Wilson if he wanted the "usual." He responded "Yes, with extra love."

When Wilson was handed the sandwich, he handed over "a couple hundred bucks" and told the owner he wanted to pay for everyone else in line. About 25 to 30 people.

What a guy.

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