Lane Kiffin Cancels Press Conference

In the wake of his dismissal as Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders, Lane Kiffin was scheduled to have a press conference today, presumably to tell his side of the story, and perhaps respond to allegations that he's a no good cheat and a liar.

Well, turns out, he's not, because the press conference has since been canceled, which is very fitting given the way this saga has played out over the past 18 months. From Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk:

Apparently, Kiffin's agent and lawyer decided it wouldn't be wise to respond in detail to the allegations made on Tuesday by owner Al Davis. And they're right. Eventually, there's going to be a grievance hearing. (For more on how it will all unfold, check out our latest item on By laying out his version in excruciating detail now, Kiffin would have been giving Davis and his lawyers a blueprint (or, as the case may be, a "bootprint") for attacking Kiffin's case later.

So there you have it. Even though Kiffin is no longer coaching the Raiders, we definitely have not heard the last of this epic battle of madness.

If there's a positive in all of this for Kiffin and his potential future in the NFL, it's that current Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan was dismissed in an alarmingly similar manner by Davis over two decades ago. Shanahan has since won a pair of Super Bowls, and made the Raiders his own personal whipping boy, even if Davis refuses to acknowledge any of it.

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