Jed Jabs at Gavin Newsom

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has his hands full these days, what with running for lieutenant governor and attending sixth grade and all.

But Mayor Newsom still has young Jed York nipping at his Kenneth Cole heels.

The San Francisco 49ers owner hosted a technology address Thursday, hosted by and the Churchill Club. York primarily discussed emerging stadium technologies, and how he hopes to incorporate Wi-Fi access and 3-D TV into the new Santa Clara stadium.

But York couldn't resist taking a swipe at the San Francisco mayor.

"I dont have the best relationship with the mayor of San Francisco," York said, as quoted on beat writer Matt Barrows' Twitter, "But he's not going to be the mayor very much longer."

You tell him, Jed! After all, it's not as if Newsom is going to move on to a more powerful state-wide office where he could hold up permits and make York's life a living hel-- oh, wait, maybe he is.

There is an embedded video excerpt of the interview up at the blog. If you visit that blog, every single embedded video starts playing at once, creating total audio cacophony on your computer. So, yeah, these guys are, like, total tech geniuses.

But this is another brick in the crooked street that is the 49ers' deteriorating relationship with the City of San Francisco. They don't even bother to sugar coat their contempt for one another anymore, and it's difficult to imagine the team will ever return to good terms with the City that bears its name.

Even if San Francisco elects a Steve Mariucci look-alike as mayor.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer, whether you like it or not.

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