Marathon Road Trip Ends in Loss

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The San Francisco Giants flew home Thursday after spending most of the last three weeks on the road.  Of their last 19 games, 16 were away games.

The team ended the marathon road trip with a 5-2 loss against the New York Mets.

It went to pitcher Jonathon Sanchez.

Following the loss manager Bruce Bochy said he needed better from "Johnny."

"It just looks like a lack of concentration. He's drifting mentally," Bochy told AP. Adding "He's got to get it back here. He's better than this."

Sanchez agreed. "I'm not getting anything over the plate," Sanchez said. "I try to do my best. Nothing's working right now."

The two will reportedly have a chat at AT&T Friday and its a good bet Sanchez will lose a little sleep worrying about that face-to-face meeting tonight.

The team opens a series at home Friday night against NL West-leading Colorado Rockies. It will be a feel good night for sure as the players and the fans celebrate the 80th birthday of Willie Mays.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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