Raiders' Josh Jacobs Slams Tim Tebow's Take on NCAA Fair Pay to Play Objection

Josh Jacobs continues to hurdle defenders and defy critics, even when he's not in uniform.

The Raiders' running back had a simple reaction to ESPN college football analyst Tim Tebow's comments regarding a California bill that if passed, would allow collegiate athletes to make money off the use of their name, image, and likeness. 

Tebow's point is somewhat understandable initially, as the pride and pageantry of college sports harkens back to a time when the players all competed for the simple fact that they loved the game and wanted to represent their university, with college tuition being a bonus for some.

However, we're no longer living in the early 20th century. Every single NCAA Division I football game is televised in some capacity, and most coaches have salaries with multiple commas.

Anyone who tells you that college football isn't a business and is all about the student-athletes is simply ill-informed. 

Jacobs famously lived out of a truck with his four siblings and father while growing up in north Tulsa, and didn't start at Alabama until his junior season. Meanwhile, Alabama reported a $10.9 million surplus in the athletic budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which is actually down $5 million from the year prior.

Many professional athletes have come out in favor of the bill, including Draymond Green and LeBron James.

Tebow's myopic viewpoint also doesn't take into account the tens of thousands of college athletes who aren't on a full scholarship. There are also those who live in places where the NCAA scholarship stipend doesn't fully cover rent and other expenses, like the Bay Area, for example, as one former Cal wide receiver pointed out.

The cost of living varies dramatically in college towns, as a 1,000 square-foot apartment in Gainesville, Florida goes for an average of $1,297 a month, while the same apartment in Berkeley costs $3,240 in monthly rent.

However you feel about Tebow's comments, think about the athletes who put their blood, sweat, and tears on the line every week before you go buy yourself that new Apple Watch off of your gambling winnings.

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