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Apartment List Seeks To Rule Rental Search Market

Craigslist competitor boasts of "better supply."



    Apartment List Seeks To Rule Rental Search Market
    Finding a spot in one of these apartments could be done on multiple services.

    Finally, some competition in the Web-based free apartment hunting.

    A four-year old startup in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood, Apartment List, is banking on users being willing to list their apartments on their service -- and not just with Craig, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Apartment List charges landlords to use their service, which may be a turn-off when compared with the free Craigslist. However, the listings at Apartment List are curated, which means fewer "scam artists" and fake listings, the newspaper reported.

    Apartment List also offers a "Roommates app," which pairs apartment hunters with future living mates, the newspaper reported.

    The company is small, but did $10 million in revenue last year without the aid of venture capital, according to the Chronicle. It's also betting that it can make inroads in other parts of the country, where the Craigslist brand isn't so strong -- and that over time, its possession "of the best supply" of apartment listings will make it a viable Craig competitor.