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Kindle to Begin Renting Textbooks



    Kindle to Begin Renting Textbooks
    Take your textbooks with you wherever you go.

    Students, you've got no more excuses for "accidentally" forgetting to bring your textbook to class. With Amazon's new textbook rental service, all your textbooks and self-taken notes are stored in the cloud — accessible from any device with a Kindle app installed.

    Announced today, Amazon's Kindle Textbook Rental allows students to rent their cram material for as much as 80 percent off the list price. Rental plans range from 30 to 360 days, with additional days needed, charged on a per-day basis.

    How many times have I went to school, only to realize I left my five pound Economics book back at home under my bed? More times than I can remember.

    If I were still a student, I'd be going bananas over the savings with Amazon's rental service. The ability to read your textbooks on any device with your jotted notes would have been a godsend back in the day. Alas, the new kids get all the best stuff.

    According to Amazon, there are "tens of thousands of textbooks" from big publishers ready for students to hunch over for the 2011 school year, which should make this year's backpack quite light. Combine that with the free Kindle apps available on virtually every platform, from iOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Android to Windows and Mac and it's a no-brainer.

    The math's as simple as: Amazon + school = easy.

    Amazon, via CrunchGear

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