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Netflix Now Streams HD Movies on PCs and Macs



    Netflix Now Streams HD Movies on PCs and Macs
    Netflix can stream to both your PC or Mac, but how good is the selection?

    You've been able to stream movies Netflix calls "HD" from Roku boxes and gaming consoles for a while now.

    But if you wanted to see those same movies on a Mac or PC, you were stuck with watching them in plain old standard definition. That just changed, because Netflix is rolling out streaming HD video on PCs and Macs using the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

    Thanks, Netflix. We have a PC hooked up to our home theater HDTV via HDMI, and this increased resolution is a welcome surprise. But the HD streaming is lame. It's sorely lacking for a number of reasons, many of which are not Netflix's fault (we're looking at you, bandwidth-throttling Time Warner).

    Besides the paucity of content available for streaming on Netflix, there's the problem of locating the relatively few HD movies. Mouse over a title, and a few will indicate "HD available."

    It feels like Netflix deliberately makes it hard to find the HD streaming movies. Not long ago, on the Netflix website you could sort the HD movies you can stream over the Roku box and gaming consoles. Not any more (or can you still do this? Help me out, readers).

    And, even when we streamed an HD movie on a PC this morning, it didn't look like HD, nor was there any indication of its HD-ness. This is so weird, only those greedy Luddites at the Hollywood movie studios could be responsible.

    Via Hacking Netflix