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Powerful Wi-Fi Radio Could Be Best Pandora Box Yet



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    This Grace Allegro Wi-Fi Radio can do it all, receiving Sirius radio and streaming all the Internet radio stations you could possibly listen to over Wi-Fi. Its tall form factor has a small footprint, fitting on even the smallest nightstand. It's designed to be portable, too, running on six AA batteries or an optional NIMH rechargeable battery.

    If you don't want to connect external speakers to its headphone output, there's a serious Class D digital amplifier inside, pumping 16 Watts of power to a rear-facing speaker the company calls "full range." You can use its included remote to control the festivities, or if you want to get fancy, there's an iPhone app that lets you control this beast.

    Pricing is a little high at $170, but that's about right considering the power this baby's packing. Could this be the best new Pandora box?

    Via Grace Digital Audio