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Social Networking Is a Name Changer: Google Boss



    Social Networking Is a Name Changer: Google Boss
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    Google CEO Eric Schmidt says in the future, kids will have to change their name.

    Facebook, Twitter and Google may be the death of you -- Or your name, at least. That's according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

    The face of the Silicon Valley tech giant said many youngsters will have to get a new face -- or at least a new name -- in the future. Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal that young people may one day have to change their names to escape the ghosts of their online past.

    In an age where people share every little thing about their lives in words, images and video through social networking, the past is always documented.

    "I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time... I mean we really have to think about these things as a society," Schmidt said.

    Schmidt's concern is still not enough to slow down his company's continued foray into the social networking world.

    Google already has Buzz, and it recently purchased social networking sites Slide and Jambool.

    You can share pictures of the crazy party you went to last night with all your friends using Google-owned Picasa, or Facebook, or Flickr. Maybe worse, they can share pictures of you -- without your knowledge or permission.

    But there is an alternative to Schmidt's damned Orwellian world.

    "As a society, we are just going have to become a bit more forgiving of the follies of youth,” he said.

    That's something worth tweeting about, or at least changing your Facebook privacy settings over.