Beliebers Celebrate Star's Milestone

On the eve of his Bay Area concert, Justin Bieber's music video "Baby" hit a YouTube milestone.  With 246,353,903 hits and counting it is now the most-watched YouTube video ever.

Bieber will perform to his rabid fan base in Oakland Saturday.

After hearing the YouTube number news, Bieber tweeted a thank you to "Beliebers" and said the video's success was "crazy." The singer wrote: "I started on youtube so ... WOW!"

In case you are among the few to not watch it yet, here it is.

A Bay Area music group can also thank YouTube for getting them a back up gig for Bieber.

Legaci was also discovered on the Google-owned YouTube site.  Their video has a million hits, which sounded impressive until you saw Bieber's numbers. 

The YouTube clip of the Bieber song got a lot of attention, including that of Bieber.  He was so impressed he hired them as back up singers and that means they will be back home Saturday.

Legaci has chronicled its tour experiences on a Flipcam and promised to post them as soon as they get a break from their busy tour schedule.  NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman reported on the band's success this week.

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