Book Holder for Your Bike Is a Cheap Way to Kill Yourself

If you thought texting while driving was dangerous, I submit to you a whole 'nother kind of hazard: reading while biking. It reminds me of this dude I saw once while I was driving down the notoriously packed Interstate 5 — he was driving with his knees while he played the guitar. Why?

From the manufacturer:

Trying to find time to catch up on your reading and training? Do both at one time with the Performance Book Caddy! Perfect for all types of reading material. It mounts in seconds to virtually any road, mountain or stationary bike.

All for $15. Wear a helmet, kids! We know this is intended only for indoor use, but we also know some idiot will try it on the road.

Performance Book Caddy, via Red Ferret, via UberReview

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