OLED iPad on the Way? 1 Good Reason Why You Should Care

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The rumors are all over the place: The next iPad will be here by the end of this year, it'll be available in two new screen sizes, including a 5.6-inch, a 7-inch, and its current 9.7-inch screen size. Best of all, those displays will be organic LED (OLED). Why should you care?

Organic LED screens are the way of the future. We have one on our Microsoft Zune HD, and love it. The OLEDs have much higher contrast than LEDs, they use less power, and their color saturation far surpasses anything on Apple iPhones and iPads to date. In fact, the exquisite iPhone "Retina Display's" only deficiency to my eyes is its slightly subdued color saturation. An OLED screen would fix all that. And the tech is getting cheaper all the time.

Besides all those obvious benefits, here's one you might not have thought of for OLEDs: if you must sleep in absolute darkness, a black screen on a running iPad is not completely dark. Its backlight can still slightly shine through its LCD raster. That's enough to ruin a night's sleep for those who are light-sensitive.

On the other hand, a backlight-free OLED screen will emit no light when there's a black screen, even when the iPad's running. On that screen can be a barely visible clock that's just bright enough to see in complete darkness. Try that on today's iPad. There you have it, the iPad can be the perfect alarm clock. Kinda like a really versatile Chumby.

Via DigiTimes and Mac Rumors

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