Touch-Sensitive Faucet Begs to Be Fondled


Who knew faucets could be so sexy? Here's one that will change the way you look at your bathroom hardware.

The curvaceous design has colorful dots on top, each one corresponding to a certain temperature. Tempdots is touch controlled -- touch the temperature you want and the water begins to flow. Touch it again, and the water stops.

Here's a neat trick: There's a battery inside that's recharged by hot water. The only problem we see with this design is keeping its touch-sensitive surface clean. With dirty hands touching the dots to turn the water on, and wet hands touching them again to shut the water off, that's going to collect a lot of fingerprints.

Since it's a design concept, maybe its creator Jaeseok Han can figure out a way to solve that problem.

Via Yanko Design

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