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Rotting Rodent Forces Full Scale Evacuation

They weren't taking any chances today after a stench wafted through the State Franchise Tax Board building.



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    The stench of a decomposing animal, probably a rodent, inside a vending machine was enough to lead to a full scale evacuation in Sacramento Thursday. 

    The reason for the response was due to the kind of business that occupied the building.  It was found inside the State Franchise Tax Board. Workers there are trained to take all possible threats seriously and they tend to get them on occasion because this is the place where we pay our taxes.

    The workers called 911 after someone noticed something wasn't right in the back of the building. 

    Several people were initially sickened by the smell, according to KCRA TV, but no one was sick enough to require medical treatment.

    In all about 40 people were evacuated. As soon as the source was discovered, they were all let back in.
    It wasn't clear who got the unlucky job of fishing out the carcass from the soda machine.