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Bay Area Boys Club

Women hit the high-tech ceiling



    How could the world’s most innovative region be so backward?

    According to a recent study published by the University of California, Davis, women earn 40% of advanced business degrees, yet they hold a mere tenth of California’s top corporate positions.

    In the bay area, we have the best and the worst - San Francisco with 16% and Santa Clara County’s technology firms a pitiful 8% of corporate positions held by women.

    Studies suggest women executives are better risk takers and improve profitability.  So why does the glass ceiling still impede  technology companies?

    Bay Area Boys Club

    [BAY] Bay Area Boys Club
    Is Silicon Valley Sexist? A look at the high tech Bay Area Boys Club
    (Published Friday, Feb. 12, 2010)

    There are exceptions – HP is one - but overall, the epicenter of innovation does women a disservice, and fails to make best use of our entire workforce.

    It’s time for Silicon Valley to bust up the boys club, and to appreciate and profit from gender diversity.


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