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CAAMFest San Jose 2015



    CAAMFest San Jose

    Festival & Exhibition Director Masashi Niwano talks about the Center for Asian American Media's CAAMFest San Jose. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015)

    The Center for Asian American Media presents CAAMFest San Jose 2015, coming September 17-20!

    CAAMFest San Jose brings the innovative spirit and forward thinking of CAAM's annual CAAMFest to the South Bay for four days of highly anticipated film premieres, conversations with celebrated media makers and lively parties.

    Celebrating its 13th year in San Jose, CAAMFest San Jose presents films and events reflecting the impact and influence of Asian Americans in Silicon Valley and their continuous innovation in technology, arts and culture, media and community.

    Some featured films include Baby Steps, Chinese Couplets, Fresh off the Boat and In Football We Trust.

    When: September 17-20


    • Camera 3 Cinema - 288 South Second St., San Jose
    • San Jose Museum of Art - 110 South Market St., San Jose
    • Nomikai Social Food + Drinkery - 48 South First St., San Jose
    • The Fountainhead Bar - SOFA Market, 387 South First St., San Jose

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