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Fetish-Friendly Coffee Shop Opening in San Francisco

If you'd like a little kink with your coffee, then the new Wicked Grounds in San Francisco is your kind of place



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    Wicked Grounds couldn't have picked a better location for their kinky coffee shop than the corner of 8th and Folsom.

    If you're looking to get whipped into a froth, then a new coffee shop in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood might be the new place to see and be seen -- if you're over 18.

    "Wicked Grounds will be a cozy, inviting space with an old-style coffeehouse feel," owner Rose White tells the San Francisco Chronicle.

    It will also be the country's "first and only kink cafe and boutique," catering to aficionados of doms and subs, leather and lace, ropes and chains.

    Besides brewing fresh java from local Ritual Roasters beans, nice English tea and snacks, the shop will offer apparel and accessories.

    "When it comes to our food, drink, and toys, our ethos is to supply from small, artisan craftspeople who take pride in their innovative ideas and production quality," White continued in the interview with columnist Violet Blue.

    Mixing a little sexuality with your coffee is not particularly new -- in Chile, coffee wasn't particularly popular until someone came up with the idea to have it served by long-limbed ladies in miniskirts.

    White and her team are still putting on the finishing touches, and plan to announce the opening on Twitter.

    Until then, you'll just have to savor the anticipation of a little consensual "hot coffee" play.

    Jackson West is sure you don't have to be wearing chaps or a choker to drop by for a cup and wish them luck.