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Show Your Allegiance With Video Game Console Ornaments



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    You truly can have it all.

    Thanks to Etsy user "useyourdigits," you can finally fly your colors this Christmas. Well, actually, only the color red — but it's the shape of the controller that counts, right?

    Each is precisely cut with a laser, and there's an option for a Wiimote, Xbox 360 controller, the PlayStation's DualShock (sorry, fans — no Sixaxis), and even retro options hailing from the N64, NES, Genesis and Dreamcast.

    Buyer be warned, though: I hear the Xbox one overheats, the DualShock is in trouble with the law, and the Wiimote will look awful by your HDTV. Ha! Just kidding.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the ornaments are all sold out, and won't be restocked until next year. DIY project? Which console controller would you want hanging on your tree?

    useyourdigits, via Design Milk