Cops Wanted Money, Sex: SF Strip Club Owner

A North Beach strip club owner claims that the city is trying to shut him down because he refused to pay off police

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    noodylicious via Flickr
    The owner of Heaven Mini Theater claims that his club is being unfairly targed by the city when dozens of other strip clubs are in violation of city codes.

    A San Francisco strip club owner is claiming that the city is trying to shut him down because he refused to pay off police, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The man making the claims is Peter Lambertson, the owner of Heaven Mini Theater in North Beach.

    The Chronicle got a hold of court documents that claimed police asked for bribes soon after the club opened in October 2007.   Lambertson also says off-duty officers requested free sex from strippers on several occasions.

    Police officials told the paper the claims are Lambert's desperate attempt to avoid prosecution for running an alleged front for prostitution.

    City Attorney Dennis Herrera asked a judge last month to close Heaven, saying that in addition to functioning as a brothel, the club operates without a permit and breaks several city codes.

    Lambert claimed that the city is selectively targeting his establishment and not the 16 other strip clubs that are allegedly not in compliance with the law.

    A hearing on the issue is scheduled for later this month.

    Image courtesy noodylicious via Flickr