Apple's "Spaceship" Campus Construction to Close Lanes in Cupertino

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    The next phase of Apple's new, massive 176-acre campus project will not be popular with drivers. Nannette Miranda reports. (Published Monday, March 31, 2014)

    The next phase of Apple's new, massive 176-acre campus project will not be popular with drivers.

    Construction on the Apple Campus 2 project, nicknamed the "Spaceship," will force lane closures on surrounding streets of the campus site, which is expected to cause traffic throughout Cupertino.

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    "Obviously, there's going to be more traffic," said driver Alan Chang. "I'm afraid it's going to be crowded all the time."

    Demolition of the 171-acre Hewlett Packard campus is nearing completion to pave way for Apple's new campus, which will sit on property bounded by North Wolfe Road, Tantau Avenue, Calabazas Creek and Homestead Road.

    A section of Pruneridge Avenue will be permanently closed as Apple gears up to build the spaceship-shaped office and integrate it with current properties on the other side of the street. The closure is scheduled to begin on April 7.

    Drivers will be forced off Pruneridge Avenue, which is known to be a short cut.

    Cupertino city leaders approved Apple's expansion because it would mean more jobs and additional tax revenue in two years when the building is complete.

    Jennifer Wang of Fantasia Coffee and Tea in Cupertino Village fears the traffic headaches will drive away customers who are already frustrated.

    "Yeah, we're really worried, but we don't have any choice," Wang said. "It's already the decision."

    Supporters of the project said the businesses will be thriving when the new Apple headquarters is completed with some 12,000 employees.

    "I''m kind of excited to see what they have in store for Apple," said Mary Bui, a Cupertino resident. "Maybe that might be some good thing."