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Man on Meth Caught Eating Bobcat

Bay Area man did not break the law while eating the bobcat. Killing it is what is considered illegal.



    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011)

    Santa Clara county authorities arrested a 38-year-old man in an unincorporated area of Morgan Hill, Calif. on Nov. 7, after he was allegedly discovered to be high on meth, owning cockfighting tools, and skinning then eating a bobcat.

    Henry Arnibal was arrested on Sleepy Valley Road, and stated he'd killed the bobcat with a .22 rifle, and then ate it, after it attacked his roosters, reports the Merc.

    While it is not illegal to eat bobcat, it is illegal to kill one without a proper permit.

    The carcass of the bobcat was found hanging on a fence.

    All the charges, except for the drug charge, are fish and game violations. All are misdemeanors.

    Arnibal was discovered living in a trailer on land authorities believed to be a former marijuana farm.

    Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Steve Lowney said 50 roosters, cockfighting hooks, and the bobcat's carcass were taken into evidence.