Rail Tanker Fire Forces NorCal Evacuations

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    Crews said they would let the fire burn itself out.

    Much of a small city north of Sacramento was under an evacuation order Tuesday after a tanker car filled with propane caught fire in the middle of town.

    CalFire ordered a one mile radius of Lincoln, which is in Placer County, to move out.

    Video from the scene showed flames spewing from a relief valve on the top of the car.

    The reason for the evacuation was the potential for the tanker to explode.  KCRA reported the car was loaded with 29,000-gallons of LPG, which is extremly flamable and had the potential to send a shock wave and fireball rolling at ground level for blocks just like a bomb.

    The Sacramento Bee said crews planned to let the fire burn itself out. They expect it to burn through the night and into Wednesday morning.