Police Encounter With Occupy Wall Street West Protesters -- Alleged Violence

Video of Occupy Wall Street West protesters' stand-off with SFPD officers may show a violent encounter.

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    Christie Smith
    Occupy SF protesters were trying to shut down a bank Friday. But some felt the need to dance.

    A video shot during last Friday's Occupy Wall Street West protests in downtown San Francisco allegedly shows San Francisco police officers engaging protesters violently, according to reports.

    The video, posted on YouTube, seems to show a "high-commanding police officer" using his baton to clear protesters on the street near Sacramento and Montgomery streets, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The video, shot on a tablet, captures a group of police on dirt bikes muscling their way through a line of protesters. A young Asian woman appears to be hit by a second dirt bike, according to the newspaper.

    Another officer, identified by protesters as SFPD Commander Mikail Ali, then steps over the camera and uses his baton to ward off protesters.

    A second video angle captures the same scene, in which police use batons to clear a line of protesters blocking the street.

    Police spokesmen did not comment to the Examiner.

    Watch the videos for yourself.