Attention Shoppers: The iPad Is Coming to WalMart

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    Juan Diasgranados
    iPad is coming to Walmart.

    Who when you have Walmart?

    The big box retailer is the latest store to partner with Apple and politics aside that could be good news for fans of Steve Jobs' wonder toys.

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    Some Apple lovers have grown frustrated by trying to get iPads and iPhones in Apple stores. There are often long lines and seldom are the two popular gadgets actually in stock.

    Walmart has been selling the iPhone 4 since it launched in the summer but the store was limited in the amount it was allowed to carry.

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    The store will start selling the iPad at Apple's current asking prices, which range from $499 to $829. The iPad will hit Walmart shelves by mid-November, just in time for the holiday season when some expect an updated tablet computer might be revealed.

    Target and Best Buy are the only other retailers who sell the iPad.

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