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Google Set to Take a Bite Out of iTunes

Reports are surfacing that Google is preparing to launch a new music service similar to iTunes



    Google and Apple won't be getting together anytime soon.

    If Googlewasn't already the worm at Apple's core, the tech giant will be if rumors of the company developing its own version of iTunes turn out to be true.

    The search company is set to announce a new music service next week that is rumored to  include partnerships with four major music labels. The rumor continues with Google partnering with music services such as Lala and MySpace's iLike.

    But the Washington Post says the rumored companies will not confirm any involvement with the rumored service that would both stream music and offer downloads.

    Could the rumor be another move by Google to get under Apple's skin in the ongoing battle between the two Silicon Valley companies?

    Probably not considering the details involved in the rumor -- including screen shots -- and how much sense a music service integrated with YouTube and Google's search engine would make.