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More Sun, Less Sleep as DST Begins

Thanks to the time change our sunrise is now around 7:30a in the morning and sunsets now are also an hour later closer to 7:15p. That said its looking like we’ll enjoy that extra hour of daylight with warming temps especially toward the middle of the week.Sunday is looking a bit warmer inland, yet still fairly cool to mild around the coast and bay as a modest sea breeze keeps some low clouds around the coastline and marine air moving into the inner bay. Similar conditions with high clouds at times are expected into Monday before high pressure strengthens and builds closer to Northern California. MIDWEEK 70s As the air warms, dries and winds turn more north to northeasterly at times we should see widespread 70s inland and possibly some spots nearing 80 in the warmest places by Wednesday and Thursday for areas south of San Jose and near the Tri-Valley.Cooling is expected to return later in the week as winds turn onshore, high pressure begins to weaken and some showers begin to get closer but not quite to the Bay Area by Saturday. Some rain could become possible later next Sunday into Monday – so stay tuned!