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Jolie Evil Eying "Sleeping Beauty" Wicked Godmother Role



    Angelina Jolie is considering a different kind of mommy role, playing the evil godmother in the retelling of "Sleeping Beauty."

    Jolie is said to be ready to take on the role of the high-cheek boned fairy godmother part in "Maleficent" -- a postmodern take on "Sleeping Beauty," according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Disney has hired Linda Woolverton of "Beauty and the Beast and "Lion King" fame to work on the screenplay for the live-action "Maleficent."

    The story would tell the 50-year-old "Sleeping Beauty" tale from the evil godmother's perspective much like "Wicked" took on the Wicked Witch's perspective. Apparently, the whole concept of cursing a 16-year-old to death (later revoked to sleeping due to other intervention) has been something of a spin issue for the poor Godmother all of these years.

    Tim Burton has also been rumored to direct the feature.

    While neither Disney nor Angelina's management would comment for the story, Jolie is said to be "actively engaging" in the material and has no other projects after she finishes with "The Tourist" with Johnny Depp.