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Apple Might Use Intel Light Peak in Upcoming MacBook Pro Refresh



    The blogosphere has pretty much crowdsource-deduced that new MacBook Pros with Sandybridge processors are coming this week, but a new report suggests Apple might adopt Intel's Light Peak tech — a super fast data port for transferring huge files in seconds.

    The wizzes over at CNET say they've been tipped off that Apple could introduce Intel's Light Peak in its hardware (whether its Mac or iOS related is unclear) very soon. Why are technophiles giddy with anticipation? For one thing, Light Peak is super fast — it's capable of delivering over 10 Gbps of data per second — easily trouncing USB 3.0's 3.2 Mbps of data transfer.

    Excited? If you're the type who can't afford to sit idling away waiting for your data to transfer, then Light Peak is going to blow your hat off — 10Gbps would allow for Blu-rays to be transferred in under 30 seconds.

    We all know how Apple loves to be an early adopter (face it, the fruity company wants to kill optical discs). With Steve Jobs' decision to shun USB 3.0 for Apple's Macs, we wouldn't be surprised if some form of Light Peak shows up in the MacBook Pro refreshes slated for this week.

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