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Comedian Demands Answers From Steve Jobs



    On the day Steve Jobs learned he could make more money selling tacos than hocking iPhones, a comedian turned politician is demanding answers for the tech mogul.

    In a world maybe only Shakespeare and his King Lear fool could understand, former Saturday Night Live star Al Franken is painting himself as the voice of reason when it comes to tech companies violating privacy.

    The comedian, who is now a senator from Minnesota, wrote a two-page letter to Jobs Thursday asking him to explain why Apple includes software on its popular iPhones and iPads that tracks where users go.

    Franken expresses specific concern over the data being accessed by hackers, who could then track users, including underage children who make up about 13 percent of iPhone and iPad users.

    "Anyone who gains access to this single file could likely determine the location of a user's home, the business he frequents, the doctors he visits, the schools his children attends, and the trips he has taken -- over the past months or even a year." wrote in his letter.

    Franken also asks Jobs to answer nine questions that center around whether Apple's own privacy policy allows the company to collect the data and why users were not informed that they were/are being tracked.