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Facebook's CEO Lands His Own Figurine



    Update: Well it's finally on the market, but it took a little longer than the 24-hour window MiC Gadget first reporter. But that's cool. They added a feature where buyers can mark-up their own placards for Mr Zuckerberg to wave. That may affect his reaction, we'd bet.

    Silicon Alley has a slideshow, as well.


    One way to grow your social graph? Have a figurine modeled after you ... and invent Facebook, be Silicon Valley's youngest billionaire and have an award-winning film done on your college days.

    Facebook CEO (and oft-litigated) Mark Zuckerberg has finally arrived: a desktop doll. The Chinese firm Pineapple CEO created the action figure. It's similar to their attempt to immortalize Steve Jobs, but Jobs slapped a cease-and-desist on his plastic homage.

    According to MICGadget.com, the figurine will go on sale "within 24 hours" -- and that was posted at 3:09pm on Sunday. (Maybe their Facebook page will break the news first?)

    The Jobs figurine was offered on ebay, at one point, for $2,500. No word yet on pricing for the Zuckerberg edition.